Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

You might have heard from a friend or seen the shows on TV and how it seems fairly easy to be the perfect family or independent single that invests in properties to flip and or remodel homes to create a profit. The magic is said and done within a matter of 30-60 minutes. Impressive, right?

Although I’m sure you’ve all found out one way or another through DIY Pinterest projects or another that this is not the case. However, with the right realtor, it could be possible for you to make a substantial profit through a proper investment.

As with any great thing, finding the perfect homes to invest in can take time and hard work. In addition to hard work and time they also require quite a bit of money in order to be successful. To choose the right investment property, if you don’t already have the money, you will need someone to direct you in finding it, someone who can assist you in understanding the value of the property and deciding before you sell it if you’re wanting to lease or rent the property.

calculator-385506_1920You’ve seen it on TV. It’s next to impossible to change the channel from one of a dozen shows. Adorable couples and determined singles investing in homes, remodeling them and “flipping” the property to make a profit.

And it all happens in successful 30-minute episode. Looks pretty easy right? Hardly. But with the right guidance, it is possible to turn an investment into substantial profit.

Great investment homes can be hard to find. They also take a lot of time and a great deal of money to be successful. In order to choose a smart investment property, you need someone to guide you in finding the money (If you don’t have it yourself), someone to help you understand the property’s value and decide whether to rent or lease the home before you sell it.

Knowing Your Goals

Are you or someone you know interested in earning money while the market is hot? Maybe you want to invest in a home that is able to supply you for years to come with a rental income? Short-term investments come with their own benefits and risks, however long-term investments will require more costs on your part with maintenance and what have you. As a team, we can analyze the pros and cons depending on your distinct situation.

Are you looking to make money in a hot market? Or do you want to buy a property that will provide you rental income for years to come? Long-term investments require more maintenance and costs on your part, while short-term investments present other risks and benefits. Together, we can discuss the pro’s and con’s of your individual situation.

Investing Takes Time

wristwatch-407096_1920In addition to any upgrades and maintenance you add to the property, selling the investment will take patience and time. Sometimes selling your property can take days, and often times a couple weeks. The selling process can even take a few months or more. In fact, you will have a 90-day minimum holding period to cure the title due to financial guidelines unless you have a buyer willing or able to pay with cash.

In addition to any maintenance and upgrades you put into the property, selling the home takes time. You can’t expect to sell your property in a few days, or even a few weeks. Sales can take a few months or more. In fact, unless a buyer is paying with cash, you will have a minimum 90-day holding period to cure the title due to financial guidelines.

Understand Your Financial Abilities

It’s possible to make a lot of money in the San Antonio real estate market and now is a great time to invest. But before you jump into anything, you need to understand your personal limitations. Make sure you are financially stable so you don’t ruin your credit and become a slave to your investment property.

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